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Qingdao Kaiweisi Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is located in China sailing city-Qingdao, adjacent to the seaside, beautiful scenery, pleasant climate. Specialized in the production of clothing, toys, bedding, sofa supplies and other home textile machinery, our company is a collection of research and development, processing, maintenance, sales of professional manufacturers. Our products have passed the IS09000 and CE certification, through the introduction of the world’s leading manufacturing technology, the company independently developed a single needle / needle computer quilting machine, high precision weighing filling machine, down jacket filling machine, pillow core, toy filling machine, polyester wadding production line and other equipment.


Automatic Fiber Sending Machine

Automatic Fiber Sending Machine

Automatic Fiber Sending Machine:(bale opener) is equipped with an automatic feeder, which can feed the raw materials more evenly to the opener and carding machine for high-level opening after initi...

Efficient Solutions for Textile and Apparel Production: Automatic Weighing and Filling Machines for Down Jackets, Pillows, and Plush Toys
Our company's range of automatic weighing and filling machines, including down jacket filling machines, pillow filling machines, and plush toy filling machines, has garnered a strong reputation among customers, boasting a remarkable repurchase rate of over 90%. This high...
Latest patented technology of weighing system
In 2024, we made a technical upgrade and updated the independent weighing system structure. On the left side is the filling port of the link output, and on the right side is the newly developed check valve with check valve. When the feed exceeds the target value set by u...